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MS TELECOM is well-known antenna manufacturer as one leading wireless antenna supplier from 2G/GSM antenna to 3G /UMTS antenna ,and now 4G LTE antenna along with GPS antenna and ISM bands. As one of  leading cellular wireless antenna wholesales and distributor for many years, we have helped to support many wireless antenna projects all over the world.

Designed for all kinds of industrial wireless usages, our antenna range coves most popular operating frequencies and wireless technologies


MS TELECOM engineers provide guidance on the impact of the antenna in the overall product design. As an active partner in the development effort, we can show our customers ways to make each wireless product better,more reliable, and cost-effective. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities and production controls ensure that the antennas are delivered on time.


Selecting a good antenna supplier for yourself will be half of success, so we would be, and will be, thanks for your choosing. Sincerely

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