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3.2*1.6*1.2mm 2.4GHz Ceramic Chip Antenna

3.2*1.6*1.2mm 2.4GHz Ceramic Chip Antenna

2400-2500MHz Ceramic Chip Monopole Antenna Wi-Fi/ 2.4GHz ISM Band

Product Details

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  1. Product Name:

                2400-2500 MHz Ceramic Chip Monopole Antenna 

  2. Features :

                3.2mm *1.6mm * 1.2mm

                Low profile

                Peak gain 2 dBi

                Compact Size

                RoHS Compliant 

  3. Introduction

                2400-2500 MHz ceramic chip antenna is specifically designed for Wi-Fi  / 2.4GHz band applications. It is a high efficiency miniature SMD edge mounted ceramic monopole antenna with small footprint requirement. This ceramic chip antenna uses the main PCB as its ground plane, thereby increasing antenna efficiency. It is tuned for different PCB sizes by simply changing the value of the matching circuit. This antenna electrical properties are symmetrical therefore the antenna can be soldered to the board from either side. At 3.2mm*1.6mm*1.2mm, it is one of the smallest antennas available worldwide. This antenna is delivered on tape and reel. 

  4. Spec



    Gain (MAX)2.15
    Maximum Power1 W
    V.S.W.R .Less 1.5
    Impedance50 OHM
    Length(A)32 mm 

  5. Spec Chart

              2.4ghz ism band antenna (1).jpg

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