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ISM 868MHz Terminal Antenna SMA (M)

ISM 868MHz Terminal Antenna SMA (M)

868MHz Terminal Antenna Omni Directional

Product Details

 ISM 868MHz Terminal Mount Antenna RA SMA (M)

868mhz ism antenna.jpg

868mhz ism terminal antenna.jpg

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1. Product Description

The MS Series utilizes a helical element to greatly reduce the physical length of the antenna housing. They are ideal for small products where cosmetic or functional requirements dictate a compact, aesthetically pleasing antenna package. Despite their tiny size, MS Series antennas are ruggedly constructed and able to withstand punishing environments just like our larger whips. MS Series antennas attach via an SMA or Part 15 compliant SMA connector and FME connector

2. Features

• Reduced-height helical whip

• Excellent performance

• Omni-directional pattern

• Low VSWR

• Fully weatherized

• Rugged & damage-resistant

• SMA or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector

• Available in black or custom colors

• Use with plastic* or metal enclosures

3. Electrical Specifications

Center Frequency: 868MHz

Freq. Range: 865-871MHz

Bandwidth: 6MHz

Wavelength: ¼-wave

VSWR: < 1.9 typical at center

Peak Gain: –1.5dBi

Impedance: 50-ohms

Connection: RA-SMA Male / SMA Male / FME Femle / RA FME Female

Oper. Temp. Range: –40°C to +90°C

4. 868MHz Antenna Dimensions

868mhz antenna FME female.png

868mhz antenna RA FME female.png

868mhz antenna sma straight.png

868mhz terminal antenna RA SMA male.png



6. Counterpoise

Quarter-wave or monopole antennas require an associated ground plane counterpoise for proper operation. The size and location of the ground plane relative to the antenna will affect the overall performance of the antenna in the final design. When used in conjunction with a ground plane smaller than that used to tune the antenna, the center frequency typically will shift higher in frequency and the bandwidth will decrease. The proximity of other circuit elements and packaging near the antenna will also affect the final performance. For further discussion and guidance on the importance of the ground plane counterpoise, please refer to MS TELECOM Understanding Antenna Specifications and Operation.

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