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External 3dBi ISM 915MHz Terminal Dipole Antenna

External 3dBi ISM 915MHz Terminal Dipole Antenna

External 3dBi ISM 915MHz Terminal Dipole Antenna N male connector

Product Details


  1. Product Name:

    External 3dBi ISM 915MHz Terminal Dipole Antenna

    3dBi 915MHz ISM Band Dipole Terminal Antenna

  2. Features:

     High efficiency dipole terminal antenna

     200mm length

     N male Connector

     ROHS compliant 

  3. Introduction

    This is a high performance 915MHz ISM band dipole omnidirectional antenna. The hinged design enables the antenna to be positioned at its most suitable angle. This antenna features a N(M) Plug Connector. For a lot of antenna applications, such as Wi-Fi Hotspot or cellular Pico-cell, the antenna of the operator’s device and the antenna of the user’s remote device are not on the same horizontal level. It has been designed with a butterfly shape radiation pattern, to help counteract this effect.  

  4. Specs

    A. Electrical characteristics
    Frequency 915MHz ISM BAND
    S.W.R. <= 2.0
    Tested by network analyzer
    Peak gain  3.0 dBi
    Polarization Vertical
    Impedance 50 Ohm

    B. Material & mechanical characteristics
    Material of radiator Cu
    Material of plastic TPEE & ABS
    Cable type RG-178 / RG-316 
    Connector type N male

    C. Environmental
    Operation temperatures - 40 ~ + 65 ℃

    Storage temperatures - 40  ~ + 80 ℃

    Antenna color storage life < 2 year

  5. Specs Chart

    915mhz dipole antenna with 3dbi gain n male

  6. VSWR


  7. Radiation Pattern


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